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Professional Proofreading Services

Lilliana Proofreading provides quality English proofreading services for book manuscripts, short stories, digital content, and historical publications.

Outstanding attention to detail

At Lilliana Proofreading, we will ensure your work is ready for publication. Our quality proofreading ensures your work is free of typos, spelling, punctuation, and formatting issues, as well as inconsistencies in your story. Our human proofreaders understand the nuances you are trying to convey, as well as grammar and spelling best practices.

Cost Effective

Our proofreading price reflects our expertise and the speed with which we perform our work. As we know what we are doing, we do it both quickly and efficiently, providing you with a cost effective, high quality proofreading service.


It takes an avid reader to know a field well enough to proofread it, and Lilliana Proofreading was born of a passion for reading. Kathleen Harry (founder) is a long-term fiction and history reader who moved into proofreading after approaching one of her favourite authors, reporting a few inaccuracies in one of their books.

Whether you are new to the world of writing or an experienced professional writer, proofreading is the final step you will not regret taking.

Could You Use Quality English Proofreading Services?

About Our Proofreading Services

As writers, it is easy to become so caught up in a piece of work that you see what you expect to see on the page. Even the most talented and detail-oriented writer will often overlook an otherwise obvious error because they are too close to it.

You be the storyteller and let us be the proofreaders. We will focus on the detail: spelling, punctuation, grammar, and formatting and consistency of place names, as well as times and locations. 

Our quality proofreading services ensure that your book is ready to publish and your readers will have a positive reading experience.

Need A Pair Of Fresh Eyes To Ensure A Professional Finish?

Lilliana Proofreading Services Available

Our passions include:

  • Romance – in all its forms – contemporary, LGBTIQ+, Fantasy, or SciFi. If it’s romance, we can polish your writing with our proofreading services.
  • Fiction – we proofread all forms of fiction, but we especially thrive on fantasy, so please share your new worlds with us.
  • Historical – oh for the good old days, fictional or non-fictional, we love to proofread a deep dive into the past.

Within these passions, we are always expanding the range of writing types we can proofread, including:

Romance Proofreader

Book Manuscript Proofreading

Specialising in all variations of romance, fantasy, and fiction, books are where our proofreading services began. Whatever your fiction manuscript, we can take your work to the next level with quality proofreading. 

Perfect for those considering self publication or just wanting their manuscript to stand out from the crowd on a publisher’s desk, our novel proofreading services are where it all started. We love books as much as you do.

Is Your Manuscript Ready To Become A Book?
Proofing Services

Short Story Proofreading

Bigger than an article or blog but not quite a book on its own, we can proofread your short romantic, fantasy, or historical stories, too. The detail is just as important in short form.

Whether you are a new or established writer, publishing locally, internationally, or online, all stories benefit from the services of a professional proofreading service to ensure the most enjoyable experience for your end reader.

Get Your Short Story Ready To Share With The World
Freelance proofreading services

Digital Content Proofreading

In the modern world, many publishing opportunities are found or created in the digital world. Just like in physical form, digital content is often around forever too, so it’s just as important to ensure your digital writing is as flawless as humanly possible.

Whether you are publishing an ebook or blog article or sharing your manuscript, script, or short story online, we can provide the same quality proofreading services to give your work the polished professional edge it deserves.

Have Your Work Stand Out Online For The Right Reasons
Novel Proofreading Services

Historical Publication Proofreading

Sometimes the best works of writing are true stories or at least partly based on historical truth. In addition to our romance and fiction work, we love a good historical read.

Whatever your medium of publication – ebook, full manuscript, or historical article for online publication, we can provide professional proofreading services for your historical non-fiction work, too.

Keep Your History Consistent And Your Details Intact

Recently Satisfied Proofreading Customers

Quality proofreading impresses not only the author but the final reader of the book or online text. Some say that poor attention to detail can cost a great story a full star in online reviews.

Lilliana Proofreading is always pleased to see our authors doing well for this very reason. We are proud to have proofread for both Hollis Shiloh (Mill House, Of Bread and Boyfriends, I’ve Got You, Two Marriages) and R Cooper (Taji from Beyond the Rings).

Both these authors enjoy above average ratings on platforms like Goodreads for their above-mentioned books and have been very satisfied with our work on their book manuscripts.

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Lilliana Proofreading How Our Proofreading Services Work

Thanks for reading this far. Your end readers are going to thank you for your attention to detail!

Once you have decided to engage our professional proofreading services, you provide us with a few details and we reply with a cost effective quote.

Assuming you agree with our proposal and approach, you pay a deposit and email us your manuscript or other form of written copy. At this point, we can provide you with a timeframe for completion.

We then get to work proofreading and provide a finished product before the deadline we advised.

Are You Ready To Start Your Proofreading Journey?